504 Plan


A Section 504 plan is an educational plan based on the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that may be written for students who have identified disabilities which negatively impact on educational performance and can be accommodated in the general education classroom.  District 205 is committed to providing students with a Free Appropriate Public Education.

Although Section 504 does not require schools to develop an Individualized Education Program with annual goals, the school does provide written documentation for each student identified and provide accommodations and/or services under Section 504.  If school staff suspects a need for accommodations, a referral should be made, evaluations conducted, and possible identification determined by a team knowledgeable about the student. Following an evaluation and qualifying for an accommodations plan under Section 504, the 504 Team, which includes the student and parent(s)/guardian(s), may develop a Section 504 Plan. If a plan is developed, it is reviewed annually and monitored by the 504 Team.

Section 504 is not a special education plan. The school staff and parents should collaborate to help ensure that students are provided accommodations through general education. The exception to this standard is a student who has been determined eligible as having a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Such a student could receive special education services under IDEA and accommodations required under Section 504.

Each building has a Section 504 Coordinator. If your child has a disability, which “substantially limits one or more major life activities”, please contact your building designee for additional information regarding your child. The Section 504 District Coordinator is Sarah Cannon, Assistant Director for Student Services. 

Building 504 Designee:

Early Childhood - Grade 5: Contact Building Assistant Principal

Grades 6-8: Contact Assistant Principal 

Grades 9-12:  Contact School Counselor