Student Services

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Student Services Staff

Gina Brahm
Administrative Assistant for Student Services

Monica Garnica
Administrative Assistant for Student Services

Arisve Esquivel
Administrative Assistant for Student Services

Kim James

K-5 Special Education Supervisor for Edison, Emerson, Field and Jackson

Brigid Peterson

K-5 Special Education Supervisor for Conrad Fischer, Hawthorne, Jefferson and Lincoln

Jason Vanderplow

6-8 Special Education Supervisor for Bryan, Churchville and Sandburg

Jackie Messina

Assistive Technology

At York High School

Brandon Mixon
York High School Special Education Supervisor

Jill Mueller
Special Education Department Chair

Barb Aguirre
Special Education Secretary

The Student Services Department is committed to providing support and services to students, parents, staff and administration consistent with federal and state mandates as well as best practices. Elmhurst District 205 supports the rights of all individuals to be educated to the extent appropriate in general education settings, and attempts to be as inclusive as possible in its practices in serving students with special needs. On the left side of this page, links are located to different areas within the Student Services department, including Section 504, Homeless Services, Allergy Information, Special Education, and related services.

Special Education:

On the right side of this page, there are specific pages which describe in detail the various components of the Special Education process. Quickly, a student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) is to be reviewed, at a minimum, annually by your child's IEP team (including you). Eligibility is to be reviewed minimally every three years. The timeline as set forth by IDEA and ISBE is sixty school days, from the date of consent to the eligibility meeting. If you request an IEP meeting, the team must provide a response within ten days. IDEA and ISBE require the school district to provide you with ten days notice prior to convening any IEP meeting and to convene the meeting in less than ten days, your written consent is required. If you have questions, please contact any of the special education supervisors listed on the right side of this page. Thank you.

Special Education Program Analysis

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